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Highlights from LEAP I

The LEAP Pilot class began in February 2010 and rand through May 2011. This flagship class included about 40 participants with about half from OAR Headquarters, half from labs and program, plus a few individuals from other NOAA line offices.

LEAP is facilitated by organizational development expert, Dr. Walt Childress, with presentations and other activites led by other experts, including program participants.

Participants were divided into Peer Advancement Coaching Teams (PACTs), each working on on-year projects to better OAR and NOAA. Topics included the OAR transition; connectivity between HQ and the field; succeeding in an inter-generational work environment; the well being of OAR employees (two projects: one on health, finances, etc, and one on telework, rewards, etc.); and development of the LEAP pilot program.

The Leadership Effectiveness and Advancement Program (LEAP) has inspired many of its participants.  One such person is Walt Schalk of ARL.  Watch his video to discover some of the life-changing lessons he learned as he took the journey in LEAP.

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Walt Schalk Video Transcript

Find your own path by being part of the journey . . . Apply to LEAP today!

Watch Steve Mayle as he reveals the value that the Leadership Effectiveness and Advancement Program (LEAP) has provided to him in terms of personal growth, leadership development, and building connections that have enhanced his career and his life.

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Steve Mayle Video Transcript

Indeed, LEAP doesn’t just grow leaders, it grows leaders that make the difference.
Take the steps to success . . . Apply to LEAP today!

IF this isn't enough to entice you to apply, check out an LEAP article written by Knauss Fellow, Katrina Phillips, currently working in the OAR Communication Office.

LEAP Requirements
c Highlights from LEAP I
c LEAP Presentation (.ppt)
c LEAP Flyer & Brochure (.pdf)
c LEAP Article



Applications Due:
September 9, 2011

four photos of LEAP program participants, (1) LEAP students measuring and calculating the results of an indoor LEAP activity; (2) leap aprticipants being led through an outdoor activity blindfolded, (3) members of the LEAP Pilot PACT (team); and (4) Members of the LEAP Connectivity PACT presenting to the class
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September 8, 2011

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