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2012 LEAP Application & Information

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To be eligible for the 2012 LEAP Class you must complete and submit a LEAP 2012 Class Application by September 9, 2011.  The application includes several questions focusing on your current or future leadership potential and what you might get out of the LEAP program.  Your supervisor also must complete part of the application, providing both a commitment to support you as well as an evaluation of your leadership potential.

Application Guidelines

Candidates must be clear and concise to have an effective application. Completed applications include required questions that must be completed by the candidate (pages 3-5) and a section for supervisor’s approval (pages 6-7). Supervisors are requested to submit the application, once complete, to the LEAP Coordinator; however, applicants are responsible for ensuring that their application is submitted prior to the deadline.

Program Requirements

An applicant for the OAR Leadership Effectiveness and Advancement Program (LEAP) must have at least one year of experience working for NOAA as of the closing date of this announcement. The Program is seeking applicants from all levels of the organization. A conscious effort will be made to select participants who represent a diverse vertical cross-section of OAR and other line offices as well as a balance between headquarters and field offices, in order to enhance the quality of the Leadership Program. Selection will be based primarily on the information provided in the application and on the supervisor’s recommendation.

LEAP requires participants to aspire to a high-level of personal and professional development as demonstrated by a commitment to:

  1. Personal and professional development as demonstrated by a commitment to:
    • Attend team meetings, typically weekly or bi-weekly, in person or virtually (e.g., phone, VTC),
    • Dedicate an average of two hours per week to teams and projects, and
    • Identify a community of computation to evaluate your leadership progress throughout LEAP. Communities of computation typically include a combination of peers, supervisors, and supervisees.

  2. Attendance at four training sessions over the period of one year, typically 3.5 days per session. Training sessions will be held within driving distance of Silver Spring, MD.
    • Without exception, attend the entire first training session.
    • Attend the three other training sessions. Exceptions for legitimate, emergency absences can only be granted by the participant’s PACT and the LEAP program instructor, but these absences cannot exceed 20% of the total training days.
    • Training sessions are scheduled for:
      • October 25-28, 2011
      • February 28 - March 2, 2012
      • June 12-15, 2012
      • October 23-26, 2012

  3. Opportunities to lead an activity at a training session (e.g., team-building exercise), or act as an instructor during LEAP.

  4. Written commitment from the applicant’s supervisor to support time dedicated to LEAP and financial costs. A supervisor’s statement of support must be included with a completed application. There is a tuition charge of $2,700 per person which can be spread over two fiscal years. It is estimated that for travel to the Washington, DC area for four training sessions and for a per diem charge (room and board) for off-site locations, each participant should allow approximately another $6,000 to be spread over two fiscal years (actual travel costs may vary according to the applicant’s geographic location).

Application Elements & Selection Criteria

Personal Vision Statement

  • Comprehensive vision statement that indicates significant thought and achievable path toward success
  • Career goals contribute to NOAA/OAR’s mission
  • Demonstrates collaboration and teamwork with others to achieve vision
  • Demonstrates potential for advancement into leadership positions
  • Willing to give and receive feedback, to be self-critical, and to be open to coaching


  • High level of competency in his/her discipline
  • Demonstrated interest in leadership development activities and training (formal/informal)
  • Seeks and takes on increasing responsibility or resolves problems as they occur
  • Importance of your contribution to the accomplishments of the organization
  • Demonstrates respect for others
  • Effectively collaborates and works with others to meet organizational and individual needs
  • Takes reasonable risks
  • Demonstrates interest in addressing complex issues

Development Planning

  • Demonstrates new and innovative approach and solution to problems or improvements
  • Demonstrates ability and interest to serve in a leadership capacity
  • Anticipates organizational needs and proposes the necessary actions to directly meet the needs of OAR and NOAA
  • Plan to use feedback/knowledge gained in program for the purpose of improving work performance (individually/teams)
LEAP Requirements
c Highlights from LEAP I
c LEAP Presentation (.ppt)
c LEAP Flyer & Brochure (.pdf)
c LEAP Article



Applications Due:
September 9, 2011

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September 8, 2011

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