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Video Transcript: Steve Mayle NOAA/OAR LEAP Testimonial
– March 2011

Our Deputy Director suggested that I consider enrolling in the LEAP program and I am so glad that I took his advice.  Among other things, I feel that this program is helping me:

  • To understand different personality types and leadership styles, under what circumstances to apply them and how to approach difficult situations; 
  • How to quickly assemble into highly effective teams and work together through challenging , even confusing problems; 
  • The importance of inviting and providing consistent feedback in the form of good, bad and useful, and
  • And how to deal with conflict, anger and poor performance. 

In my own recent 360 degree feedback, my community said they’ve seen an improvement in my ability to receive feedback and they attribute it to my involvement in the LEAP program.  But the real value is not what LEAP has done for me personally, but what it has enabled me to become for my organization,  and even more importantly, the connections and bonds of trust that are being forged among the 40 or so participants in the program.  It is these connections that commit us to mutual success, both personally and organizationally.  This is real power and I predicted this will pay countless dividends for years, careers to come here within OAR.  It is these connections that will help us achieve our most challenging goals and will sustain us during our darkest most difficult times. 

LEAP Requirements
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c LEAP Presentation (.ppt)
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Applications Due:
September 9, 2011

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September 8, 2011

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