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Video Transcript: Walt Schalk NOAA/OAR LEAP Testimonial
– March 2011

Hi, I’m Walt Schalk from ARL. I’m in LEAP and was asked to talk about the program. I said sure and the next you know it I’m making a video.  You never know what’s going to happen next in LEAP.  We’re about 8 months into the program and the most recent group session really hit home with me.  I think it was a combination of the guest speaker, the lesions we learned and the exercises we did.  That we did in the rain.  Well, the two things that really stuck with me were baby steps and play all the way.

We all set goals for ourselves, whether it be finishing that strategic plan, earning that next promotion or leadership position or just winning this week in fantasy football.  In any case we can be setting that bar pretty high and it may seem almost impossible to achieve.  But the lessons I’ve learned in LEAP help to make these goals reachable.  Baby-steps teaches us to breakdown the ultimate en-goal into a series of smaller attainable steps that will lead to our ultimate goal.  The one-step, or the one wrung at a time, approach also gives us successes along the way to encourage us to continue.

The other lesson that I learned is that to get the most out of LEAP training and work and life is to ‘Play All the Way’ – push myself to do new things, to say “Just do it”. As a wise man once said, “you don’t learn in the comfort zone and you’re not comfortable in the learning zone.”  Taking the next step I owe it to myself and to my division to do the same thing, play all the way.  This is the way we all win. 

Anyway, so far LEAP has taught me many good lessons and given me valuable new tools to lead my division.  With each task or issue that is laid before us it is an opportunity to use the tools teach and coach other on how to use the tools and then take them with the tools to the next challenge or task that is up ahead or hidden around the next corner.


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September 8, 2011

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